The Makeup Show and Your Humble Correspondent


Hi, everyone!  I’ll be attending The Makeup Show this weekend (March 28-29, 2015) in downtown L.A. and will be reporting back to you about the event.

There are some good industry pro’s lined up for both days giving talks and demo’s about the latest info/techniques in the biz.  I’ll be taking lots of notes to make sure you feel like you have a virtual seat at the show.

If you live in or near L.A., tickets are still available.

The Makeup Show also has events in other cities. You can check out their website for further information:

Looking forward to sharing what I learn with you.

2 thoughts on “The Makeup Show and Your Humble Correspondent

  1. Hi, Stash! The show has some speakers/demo’s I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing, so it should be fun. I’ll review the show so you can see if it’s worth attending.

    I went to IMATS-LA in January and wrote a few posts about it. If you can go, do so. They had great speakers/demo’s, really good discounts on beauty products and amazing displays of makeup – both beauty and fantasy – on attendees and models. Definitely worth the price of admission. I finally got to feel the stellar Hakuhodo brushes for the first time and splurged on a few of them. I’ll be doing the same this weekend.

    I will surely take some pics of the event and post them. My camera is also a video camera and makes this obnoxious sound when the room is quiet, so I get a few dirty looks when I take a photo. Ah, what we bloggers suffer for our followers. 🙂

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