Base Camp – The Hair I Have, The Skin I’m In


– Dry, somewhat sensitive, fair skin with blue undertone.

– I burn pretty quickly in the sun.  Anything over 20 minutes and I’m ruddy-looking, risking sunspots.

– I used to bake in the sun until I hit 30.  Some small, light spots on my jawline.

– My face, neck and chest turn red at times when, for example, it’s being cleansed.

– I’m seeing horizontal lines on my neck, which displeases me.  Probably from typing on my laptop too much and aging.

– When I’m exposed to formaldehyde and a few other allergens, my eyes swell up and look like red avocados.

– Dark circles plague my existence.  Always had them and my daily lack of sleep makes them worse.

– My lower eyelids have quite a few lines.

– I have some fine lines on my face, but nothing trench-like at this point.

– Occasionally, I’ll have a pimple, but used to have wicked acne when I was younger for quite some time.  Luckily, no scarring.

– My lips are ridiculously dry.



– Blonde highlights since I was in my teens.

– Strands are dry as the Mojave Desert.

– Fine hair, but a lot of it.

– Length: 1/3rd of the way down my back with layers for shaping.  No bangs.

– I almost never blow dry my hair, but love it when I get it professionally blown out.


I tell you all of this so you have an idea what my parameters are when I test products.  Hope this helps.

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