The Red Carpet and Oscars Ceremony Starting Today at 1:30 PM/PST

Starting around 1:30-2PM/PST, the stars will begin to hit the Red Carpet for the Oscars. Please join me for the last round of Live-Tweeting this season for the most glamorous award show all year on Twitter @JudgeBeauty at 1:30PM/PST.

I have a few different vantage points and will report back to you what I see. Mostly, I’m looking forward to your Tweets on all the great hair and makeup (or misses), with the occasional guy thrown in who deserves our attention.

See you in a few hours!

Independent Spirit Awards Live-Tweeting on Twitter beginning at 11AM/PST @JudgeBeauty

Thanks to all of you who participated in Live-Tweeting the Red Carpet and Live Show of the Independent Spirit Awards at @judgebeauty.  I enjoyed your comments and appreciate your “favorited”/retweets actions.

Emma Stone was my favorite look with that gorgeous, modern black-lace top, adorable lob and perfectly-balanced, redhead-flattering makeup.

Who did you like the best?